Whether you are moving house or apartment, or you are a student moving home and need to pack up your books and papers for shipping, we have a range of moving kits to suit your needs.

Our moving kits have been specifically designed and put together using the owners experience within the house moving industry. Where other companies will throw in a load of cheap single wall boxes that fall apart as soon as you put any weight in them, so as to make their kits seem like good value, we at Moving Box Ireland make up most of our kits using mostly strong double wall boxes which will stand up to not only this move, but many other moves if minded.

Of course if you don't see the kit for you, feel free to make up your own kit from the range of individual products on our store.

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Large House Moving Kit

Large moving kit containing 65 boxes
€275.00 (EUR) incl tax

Small House Moving Kit

Small Moving kit containing 25 boxes
€95.00 (EUR) incl tax

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